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Common Flashing Issues that a Roofing Professional Can Handle

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Date Posted: Jun. 28, 2017

Roofs don't receive as much attention as other parts of the home largely because they are designed to last a long while before signs of damage become apparent. However, that complacency can lead to critical roofing problems that fester over a long period. Roof flashing is one of the components that can degrade the quality of the roof of your home. Flashing provides protection on various roof joints like the junctions between the chimney, skylight or window.

Roofing Experts Urge Homeowners to Watch Out for These Flashing Issues

Proper roof construction must be observed to ensure that there is flashing in all the right places to avoid water from entering the house. A homeowner in Croydon may have leaks that can be traced back to the flashing. Several reasons may cause flashing problems, which you can solve by hiring a company that offers roofing services.

Poor Quality Material

The flashing has to face the same exposure to the elements as the rest of the roof, meaning it must be able to withstand wear and tear. Aluminium, rubberised asphalt, and galvanised steel are some of the materials used for durable flashings. If in the initial roofing a contractor did not use superior standard materials for then flashings, then this section will start to deteriorate after prolonged exposure. In such cases, the roofing experts you hire can replace the flashings with more suitable ones.

Improper Installation

The biggest issue with roof flashings is incorrect fitting. When constructing a roof, the builders have to factor in several aspects that may affect the flashings. For one, flashings must be put in before the shingles. They also have to extend a certain length to ensure water doesn't flow into the house when it rains. The exact measurements depend on the location of the flashings. Roof flashings also have to accommodate backup from the gutters and strong winds. The sealing that holds the flashing in place may not have been done well, causing the components to come loose. Professional roofers can recommend suitable solutions in such instances.


Corroded flashings are common challenges for homeowners. Corrosion will result in holes and cracks in the flashings and consequently, leaks in your home. Flashings corrode due to acid rain and other contaminants in the atmosphere. If you are just dealing with a hole or two, repairs offer cost-effective solutions. The flashings' degree of corrosion will determine if you only require a simple repair or a more complex replacement.

Faulty roof flashing can lead to severe roofing problems like dry caulk and cement, which will crumble over time and leave the roof joints without protection. Continuous leaking due to defective flashings can cause significant damage such as waterlogged furniture, stained walls, and a compromised building foundation. Contact experts in roofing to inspect and fix issues with your roof flashings.


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