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Warning Signs that Indicate You Need to Hire a Professional Roofer

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Date Posted: September 7, 2015

Most home owners never get a chance to take a good look at their roof, and quite often it will be the last thing they think about when it comes to home repairs. Some people leave it so long before they decide to carry out any roofing maintenance work, and by then it could be too late. Here are five warning signs you need to look for that could indicate you need to hire a roofer soon for your Croydon or Surrey home:

1. Leaks or Interior Water Damage

One of the most tell-tale signs you need to hire a roofer is a leak or water damage inside your home. Take a slow walk around the upstairs of your home and take a look in any corners of the rooms for signs of leaking water or water damage marks on the ceiling. You may also want to take a trip up your attic to also look for leaks there.

2. Sagging Ceiling

Whilst you are up in your attic, you might also inspect for a few other warning signs. First you need to check that the ceiling isn't sagging, then look for any trails or dark spots. Lastly, observe if you can see light from the outside shining through your roof, as this likely indicates a leak.

3. Damaged or Missing Tiles or Shingles

Next, take a walk around the outside of your house (both front and back), and look for any visible missing roof tiles or shingles, as well as for cracked or damaged tiles. If you do find any, you can hire a roofer to replace these individual tiles rather than replacing the entire roof.

4. Blocked Gutters

Inspecting your gutters can save you a lot of hassle later on. Check that your gutters aren't blocked with any leaves or twigs, as this can affect the water draining away from your house, and cause a build-up in your gutter. You can also look for any loose debris that could be a potential sign of damaged tiles.

As they say "prevention is always better than cure", therefore, it is always better to regularly check your roof for these signs before small repair work turns into a nightmare. It will also help to schedule regular inspections by professional roofers like those at Brunwin Professional Roofing Services, Ltd. The pros can reach parts of the roof that would be too dangerous for an amateur, and do a thorough inspection to identify problems before they can escalate. This can not only help avert potential roofing disasters, but also extend the lifespan of your roof.

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