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Understanding the Causes of Shrinkages in Croydon Roofing

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Date Posted: May 27, 2016

Roofing repairs are a necessary expense if you wish to keep it around for longer than just a short while. The type of roofing conditions or damage will determine the suitable repairs, one of which is roof shrinkage. PDM roofs are the most susceptible to shrinkages and when it happens, you will need the help from professionals and roofing experts to get it fixed.

causes of shrinkages

The use of EPDM has become widespread as homeowners take advantage of the low temperature and weather-resistance of the material. It also offers excellent resistance to penetration. However, over time, an EPDM membrane can start to shrink, which causes the flashings to pull, leading to cracks, ridges, and splits that will significantly compromise the integrity of the roof. Understanding the possible causes of why such shrinkages happen is vital for homeowners.

Poor Installations

Experts have various ways of installing EPDM membranes, and if something goes wrong with the initial workmanship, then it can lead to shrinkage problems later on. For one, the fastening may be done incorrectly, such as spacing the fasteners too wide, causing the detail to pull apart. The EPDM sheet may also fail to get enough relaxation before the installation, meaning there is stress accumulation in the membrane. Roofing Croydon professionals such as Brunwin Roofing can repair EPDM membranes suffering from shrinkage due to poor workmanship.


EPDM membrane should have sufficient strength to resist shrinkage. The design should also be able to handle the stress loads that occur due to the pulling apart of flashings, and the roofing membrane should be able to withstand low and high temperatures adequately. Materials that degrade fast will lose their ability to respond to these changes, so consult with the pros before picking out the EPDM membrane to be used for the roof construction.


Another factor for consideration is the material. EPDM contains a polymer and carbon black combinations that have additional oils to bring out their physical characteristics. If these oils drain from the EPDM sheet, then it loses a bit of its flexibility. There is also the threat of molecular and dimensional changes, making the EPDM membrane prone to shrinkage.

The technology used to make EPDM membranes has changed over the years and cases of shrinkages have reduced. However, it is necessary to give a roof check-up at least twice a year to see if there are any shrinkage problems. Hire roofing Surrey services for inspections, maintenance, and repair of roofing membranes.


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