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The Role of a Roofer in Surrey in Keeping Your Home Safe from Leaks

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Date Posted: Aug. 2, 2016

Roofing problems can lead to very high expenses, especially when you donít get fixes right away. Leaks are some of the common challenges that a homeowner may have to deal with periodically. Even with the best installation, a roofing leak can cause extensive damage. It does help though to know what causes leaking problems in roofing so you can spot them before they devastate your roofing irreparably.

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The Slope

The sloping on a roof is one aspect that can cause leaks to develop over the course of a roofís lifespan. During construction, the ratio of a vertical rise over the horizontal distance of a roof has to meet certain regulations. In cases where the slope of a roof is too shallow, the shingles tend to lift when the wind blows too hard, leaving room for rainwater to get into your home. If the slope was not measured right the first time, then roofers Surrey can conduct inspections and do repairs to avoid leaking.


A roof may start leaking if there is a problem with the flashing details or if the installation was not up to standard. Sections where you will find flashing includes around the edges of skylights, the joint between a roof and dormer and where the chimney enters the roof. These are the areas where you would typically look for missing nails in flashings or dry caulk that ultimately results in leaks. When you know that the flashing is the problem, then you can tell that to a professional roofer when contracting their services.


Incorrect guttering or blockages will also cause a roof to leak. A guttering system that is filled with debris will resist the flow of water, meaning that when it rains, the roof will overflow. Over a prolonged period, this type of overflow will start soaking through to the inside of the roofing material and eventually cause leaks. You can make sure that gutters remain clean throughout and if the blockage problem is too big, a roofer from Surrey such as Brunwin Professional Roofing Services Ltd can handle it.

Improperly Sealed Valleys

Valleys refer to the points where the panels of a roof meet. These junctures are supposed to have seals to ensure that the slopes of the panels remain together for the duration of an installation. However, if the initial installation was not correct and the sealing comes off, then a roof will start to leak. Too much traffic on a roof will cause cracks in a valley, or it can be from rain or ice erosions. Hire roofers serving Surrey for repairs or to re-seal valleys.


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