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Surrey Roofing Tips: Proper Flat Roof Maintenance and Its Advantages

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Date Posted: February 12, 2015

Roofs, aside from providing protection to the residents of a building, have variations with regard to their construction, durability, and materials used. An important feature of a roof is the pitch or its slope, as this enables water to properly drain down from it. There are two types of roofs that are distinct when it comes to their angles as pitched roofs have a higher slope, and then there are flat roofs, which actually have a maximum angle of 10 degrees, despite their classification of being "flat."

Since flat roofs have a lower degree of elevation, it generates more problems compared to high-sloped roofs, particularly those that are poorly installed and not well-maintained. An article from TheHelpfulEngineer.com outlined the prevailing problems that arise from this specific roof type and how it is kept in good working condition.

Flat Roofs Inspection

Comparable to maintaining a home or a car in its tip-top shape, having repairs or replacements is just as important for a roof. Maintaining a roof prevents damage or issues that may endanger the residents; however, the lifespan of the roof is among the factors included in its overall condition such that it should be replaced when it reaches the end of its service life—lest you risk having a substandard roof over your head.

Regular roof inspections should not be overlooked and must be done at least once a month by either DIY, or twice a year with the assistance of Croydon or Surrey roofing experts. Inspections must include evaluation of trouble areas that may have ruptures, abnormal projections, and blisters. Examining the drainage and the roof’s membranes is also important not only for its condition, but for the integrity of the entire building as well.

Cleaning the roof by removing leaves and other debris that may clog the drains is vital too. Moreover, since the coating of the roof may deteriorate over time, it is included in the maintenance too. Detection of possible causes of major problems is critical to prevent any issue from worsening.

Advantages of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are low-cost in comparison to pitched roofs, and are easier to install. Additionally, since these have a lower inclination, DIY maintenance is not too troublesome and less risky. The abovementioned solutions are actually easy tasks as flat roof maintenance involves less work compared to maintaining a pitched roof.

Consulting with trusted Surrey or Croydon roofing companies, like Brunwin Professional Roofing Services Ltd, is a wise decision for building owners. With their knowledge and skills on everything roofing, professional roofers provide quality roofing systems that are not only for protection, but also for visually appealing buildings.

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