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Surrey Roofing Tips: How to Manage Snowfall on a Flat Roof Efficiently

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Date Posted: Jan. 30, 2017

Though snow blizzards are quite rare in the U.K., the potential exists with climate change for such conditions to occur more frequently. As a business owner, you may wonder about the effects that such extreme weather conditions can have on your flat roof. Flat roofs have their own set of advantages, but they may suffer during winter months. It is therefore important for you to be prepared for such conditions to prevent potentially significant damage to your business and its assets.

Surrey Roofing Tips: How to Manage Snowfall on a Flat Roof Efficiently

Repeated snow falls are a flat roof's greatest enemy. In such cases, there won't be sufficient time for snow to melt, and this means snow will keep accumulating until it exceeds the design capability of the roof. And if snow is followed by rainy weather, the snow will only absorb all that moisture, further exacerbating the risks that your flat roof may face.

Caring for your flat roof in winter requires more prevention steps on your part. Surrey and Croydon roofing professionals advise you to implement these simple practical steps and make them part of your roof maintenance program now that the winter period is in full swing.

  • Have regular roof inspections done to determine your flat roof's status.
  • Check that all draining avenues are functional.
  • Clear away large snow fall amounts from the roof surface.
  • Take care of ice dams immediately to prevent ponding.
  • Make sure your de-icing or melting products are well-suited for your roof membrane type.
  • Remove snow only when it is safe to do so.
  • If you are uncomfortable having your own people removing the snow, hire a professional snow remover to safely and effectively handle the accumulation. Don't forget to inform the about the location of your pipes and vents to keep them from damaging these structures.

Before excessive snow weight can cause a roof collapse, the roof structure will generally exhibit tell-tale signs that this is about to happen. Signs to watch out for include visual deformation of the roof's framework, doors and windows that suddenly become too difficult to operate, cracking or creaking noises, and visible movement or separation in ceiling joists and beams. If these signs are observed, everyone in the building should be evacuated until a professional can assess the issue.

For your flat roof repair needs, a trusted Croydon and Surrey roofing company such as Brunwin Professional Roofing Services will have the expertise to deliver satisfying work.


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