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Surrey Roofing Experts can Help Fix These Common Flat Roof Problems

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Date Posted: June 3, 2015

Houses with flat roofing can be considered among the most aesthetically pleasing homes that come without a hefty price; after all, it requires simpler materials and lower costs for construction than pitched roofs. Flat roofs, however, also have their own disadvantages, such as their inability to shed water the way pitched roofs do, which often leads to bigger roofing problems. Fortunately, Surrey roofing experts are willing to educate you on common problems you can expect from your flat roof and how you can deal with them.

Problems with the Flashing

Your roof's flashing is often made of materials like galvanised steel or aluminium, and its main aim is to go over the joints during roof construction to keep water from seeping through and eventually avoid leaks. When exposed with weathering and oxidisation, however, your roof's flashing eventually becomes damaged. This can usually be fixed by resealing your flashing with plastic cement or replacing it entirely.


Since flat roofs can't drain off water the way pitched roofs do, water tends to pool above your home and that can lead to bigger problems with leaks. You can easily drain the water from your roof, but you have to do more than that. You also need to check for signs that the pool of water had already caused early signs of problems, however small they may be.

Creases or Blisters

Seeing roof blisters or creases isn't just unpleasant; it can also be an indication that your roof might already need help. Although these wouldn't cause leaks immediately, water and other elements could use these points of weakness to seep through the roof and wreak havoc inside your home.

Discoloured Gravel Coating

Sometimes, families living in homes with a flat roof made of gravel coating might find their ceilings damaged by the water seeping through the roof. To avoid this, you can check your roof and see if there is any discolouration on the gravel coating.

Other Elements that Damage Flat Roofs

Aside from water, there are other things and elements that could do damage to your flat roof. For instance, seeing a dam created by ice during winter or even branches rubbing against the roof surface can damage flat roofs little by little. Moreover, improper installation of flashing and leaf guards can also lead to your flat roof problems.

If you encounter any of these common problems with flat roofs, don't hesitate to seek help from experts at roofing in Croydon or Surrey, like those from Brunwin Professional Roofing Services LTD.


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