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Surrey Roofers Share 3 Important Roof Maintenance Tips for Spring

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Date Posted: Feb. 27, 2017

Spring is here, and your roof best be prepared for the change in the weather. Your roof likely took some heavy beating during the winter months, and thus you need to guarantee your roof is in tiptop condition for the spring. To keep you and your family safe, your Croydon and Surrey roofers share with you these handy roof maintenance tips for the warmer weather.

Inspect your roof

Evaluating the condition of your roof and its additional features is the best way to get it ready for spring. Pay attention to curling, bubbling, as deteriorated shingles, as these are prone to breaking off in the face of strong winds. Replace these shingles at once before they can lead to a whole host of problems that can compromise the safety of your home. You’ll naturally want to replace missing shingles as well.

roof maintenance tips for spring

Clear your gutters and downspouts

A small leaf buildup on your gutters may seem inconsequential, but once they collect and become thick enough to hold moisture, really big problems can occur. Anything with the ability to trap moisture will eventually promote mildew growth, block the gutters, and add extra weight to the structure. If you find leaf and other debris accumulating in your gutters and downspouts, use a rake or air blower to clear them.

Trim trees

Trimming trees with branches that shade your roof or lie on top of it can help ensure your roof stays in good condition. In case of a storm or high speed wind, these branches can potentially break off and cause significant damage to your roof. Cutting back the branches will also reduce moss growth, as this permits sunlight to dry up moisture that moss thrives on. With your roof dryer, you reduce the risk of organic matter finding its way onto your roof and dealing damage.

If you do choose to inspect your roof, make sure to understand the signs of disrepair associated with your roofing material. That said, you can always have your roof inspection and maintenance done professionally. Contact trusted Surrey and Croydon roofers such as Brunwin Professional Roofing Services Ltd. who perform their tasks with a stern focus to never compromise the quality of their services and the integrity of your house.


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