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Surrey Roofers Can Help Ensure Your Pitched Roofs are in Top Condition

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Date Posted: May 27, 2015

Your home's roof is an integral part of your home, that's why selecting the right type of roof is important in the long run. Though there are several different types of roofs that roofers in Surrey like Brunwin Professional Roofing Services Ltd can install on your dwelling, they can be boiled down to two general categories. It will either be a flat roof, which means your home will look like a cardboard box, or the more traditional pitched roof, which raises the slope of your roof. Though flat roofs are popular among commercial buildings, it would be better to opt for a pitched roof over your head. There are several different variations of pitched roofs, but they all share similar advantages.

Pitched Roof Advantages

First of all, a pitched roof is better to look at than a flat one. Some may think modern designs are attractive, but nothing beats tradition. There's nothing like looking at the sunlight glint off the shingles of your rooftop, whether it be at dawn or at dusk.

Another benefit of having a pitched roof is that it is better for inclement weather. This is because the pitch helps take the water away from the roof. Flat roofs end up with pools of water gathering; this can lead to problems as water can end up damaging the structure in the long term.

Third, a pitched roof is easy to inspect. It may not seem like it with the high pitch, but you don't need to get up close. Any damage on a pitched roof can be visible from the ground. Another advantage is that it can benefit the interior of your house: you can have space for an attic inside. A penthouse may seem better, but an attic is nothing to sneeze at either.

Keeping It Ship-shape

Finally, the great thing about pitched roofs maintenance-wise is that they also tend to last a long time. An experienced Croydon roofer will have access to the best materials; durable and tough slate shingles can ensure that you won't have roofing problems for a long time. If one does pop-up, like leaks or some slates blowing off, contact a professional immediately. This ensures that your roof will be back in good condition quickly and efficiently.


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