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Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof? Let a Roofing Expert Answer

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Date Posted: December 31, 2015

Roofs bear the brunt of harsh climatic conditions that include very low temperatures at night or the scorching heat during the day. The roof has to stand against the wind, hail storms, and bear the weight of snow, among many other stressors. Over time, your roof will give in, and you will have to conduct repairs. The biggest challenge that many homeowners face is making a decision on whether to go for roof repairs or replacements.

Consider the Costs Involved

Before making a choice between the two options, consider value for money. At a certain point, paying for repairs can be more expensive than paying for a new roof. A primary reason is that the damage becomes severe, and the cost of repairs increases after some time.

The frequency of repairs also increases, which leads to an escalation of the total cost of maintaining your home’s roof. With a new roof, you may have to dig deep, but there is value for the money spent. A roofing expert in Surrey will advise you on the best option.


Consider the age of the roof. After a given period, say 20 years, you might want to consider replacing the roof. Some of the signs that show that you should replace the roof include increased granules on gutters and bent shingles.

If your house has brick roofs like in many old homes, you should look out for sections that have broken or missing tiles. In such a situation, the roof may leak, which may lead to water damage and, therefore, a replacement may be the best option.

Inspect the Structural Integrity of the Roof

The roof should be firm, and must have defined outlines. If you notice a weakness in any section of the roof, it may be an indicator of extensive damage to its structure. You not only have to replace the shingles, and roof bed, but reconstruct that section too.

Some roofers may suggest that you install a new roof over the old one. Although this move may save you some money now, a reliable roofing expert in Croydon will tell you that this quick fix may cost you a lot of money down the line. You need a service that will offer reliable advice on when to tear down the roof and when you should repair it.

Consider the Condition of the Materials Used To Construct the Structure

Wood rots and metal rusts. These conditions make up the wear and tear that the roof will experience in its lifetime. By inspecting your attic, you may notice signs of rust or rot on your roof depending on the material used in its construction. If such damage is extensive, you may have to replace some parts of the roof.


Should You Replace or Repair Your Roof?, Bob Vila