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Roofing Maintenance: 4 Spring Cleaning Tips from Roofers in Surrey

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Date Posted: Mar. 16, 2017

It's spring time once again in Surrey, and homeowners around the area are starting their spring cleaning routines. Although most people think of spring cleaning as putting away the holiday décor and cleaning the interior of their homes, homeowners should also think about conducting a little spring cleaning on their roofs. With that in mind, here are a few spring cleaning tips from respected roofers in Surrey:

Work with a Buddy

Ask a friend or a family member to help you keep the ladder steady as your climb up and down. This is to prevent any shifts in balance that may cause you to fall off. Similarly, having someone around while you work assures you that there's someone around to call emergency services in the event of a mishap.

Alternatively, you can use a pair of binoculars to scan your roof for any issues. Simply take note of all the problems you find and hand it over to a respected roofing service, like Brunwin Professional Roofing Services, Ltd., to give them a better idea of the work that needs to be done.

Roofing Maintenance: 4 Spring Cleaning Tips from Roofers in Surrey

Look for Cracked Shingles

Once you reach your roof, look for any signs of cracked shingles. Any cracks you find are a potential entry point for water. This may lead to water damage inside your home, or even encourage mould to grow underneath your shingles and rot your roofing from the inside out. If you find shingles with any sign of damage, it's best to call a roofer and have your shingles replaced.

Get Rid of Moss

Moss is more than just an aesthetic problem. It can easily trap moisture which may erode the shingle underneath the growth. Similarly, moss may hide cracks, dents, and other signs of damage from your line of sight. You'll want to remove any moss you find and treat your roof to discourage moss growth in the future.

Take a Peak at Your Gutters

Before you get ready to go back down, take a quick peek at your gutters. The winter season may have dumped leaves and other debris from nearby trees into your gutters, which may block the flow of water from your roof. You'll also want to check for any asphalt granules that may be collecting in your gutters. If a substantial amount is present, there's a good chance you'll need to have your shingles replaced.


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