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Roofing Experts Tackle Discolouration Issues and Possible Solutions

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Date Posted: Nov. 28, 2016

It sometimes seems like the 25-year guarantee given for your asphalt shingle roof has been shortened to just 15 because of its rapid discolouration. Well, you are not the only one with that problem as thousands of other homeowners are facing a similar challenge.

discolouration issues

Discolouration Sources

GM or gloeocapsa magma is the name given to black or blue-green streaks that result from fungi and mould formation on roof surfaces. Through photosynthesis that is enabled by sunlight and limestone filler in the shingles, the GM bacteria survives and thrives perfectly. Other causes of roof discolouration include tree droppings, moss, dirt, chimneys and other agents. A Surrey roofing expert can help with the identification of the proximate cause of the problem and subsequently, their solution.

Shingle Replacement

A roofing expert can suggest the replacement of your roof shingles with alternatives that are algae-resistant or AR shingles. These shingle varieties are made of zinc or copper granules that are mixed with toppings of coloured stone. When wet, they release copper or zinc, which prevents the growth of algae. Their warranties are often for approximately 10 years, and a Croydon roofing expert will help you pick those with the highest percentages of AR granules.

Roof Cleaning

Professionals in roofing can also clean your roof using specialised tools and non-corrosive cleaning chemicals. It is highly recommended that you do not attempt such a task on your own because of the risks of falls and injuries.

Additionally, you may use a highly corrosive cleaning agent or scrub the shingles too much, causing their bleaching. High-pressure washing systems will also damage asphalt shingles, while bleaches will kill the vegetation below and cause the corrosion of the roof’s metal fasteners.

Structural Adjustments

In some instances, the discolouration may result from problems with the installation, or the absence or inadequacy of under-roof venting. Such issues often occur regardless of the orientation of a roof. They also occur in the absence or presence of known causes of discolouration such as tree droppings and chimneys. Leave it to the pros, such as those from Brunwin Professional Roofing Services Ltd., and they will carefully examine the roof so as to determine the most appropriate structural adjustments neededto rectify the problem.


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