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Needing Space and a Home Extension? Consider a Flat Roofing Design

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Date Posted: Sept. 2, 2016

If you've been thinking of adding an extension to your property, you might want to consider giving that extra room flat roofing. True, flat roofs seem more difficult to maintain, given they don't have a slope to let leaves, rainwater, or snow just slide off into gutters and drainage. However, flat roofing systems have their advantages, which you can maximize with the proper construction and maintenance - just ask trusted roofers around Croydon and Surrey.

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Flat roofs offer opportunities for a rooftop area

You may be only needing a spare bedroom or a larger kitchen for the time being. But, if you have a growing family, you might be considering another home extension several years on. Flat roofs offer you a chance to hit two birds with one stone - or, at least, set you up to do that halfway. The space atop your extension can be eventually transformed into an outdoor recreation area or a garden. You could also use it to more easily incorporate other home features, like solar panels.

Flat roofs create more space indoors

As well as creating space outside, flat roofs create extra space inside. That's because they do away with the sloped walls, beams, and other space-eaters needed to prop up a pitched roof. Following this option, your extension may not only have a rooftop area, but a higher ceiling or a loft as well.

Flat roofing systems may be cheaper

Fewer nuts, bolts, beams, and other components are required to adequately set up a flat roofing system. It only follows that the cost to build them would be cheaper - not to mention they would be faster to build.

Flat roofs are safer for do-it-yourself tasks

Have you ever been recommended to leave roof inspection and maintenance to professionals? This sound piece of advice isn't a knock on your abilities to check what your roof looks like. It's just a tip for your safety - after all, professionals are also more likely to be experienced in maintaining their footholds on cluttered, creaky, sloping roofs.

Of course, that last scenario will be less of a problem if you have a flat roof. You would be able to at least go up to your roof and walk around it with less risk of slipping off, and perform basic inspections, plus minor repairs, if you wish. It could save you money - or, at least, give you an opportunity to learn hands-on about your roof if you do go up there with your professional roofer.


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