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Insulate Your Flat Roofing in Surrey to Improve Winter Protection

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Date Posted: November 4, 2014

The locals of Surrey and Croydon are now starting to feel the temperature dropping gradually. Winter is looming-it's that time of year again when households have to prepare for the fierce battle against extreme cold. One way to survive this season is to ensure that your home is well-insulated, from the windows down the cellar, to the roof above. Inadequate insulation can spell disaster on your health and finances.

It's not easy insulating your home, especially if you have a flat roof. Unlike other types of roofing in Surrey, flat roofing requires a slightly different type of insulation. . The installation job for this can be even trickier if there's already an existing roofing. An article for ClimateChangeAndYourHome.org.uk provides some tips on how a home with an existing flat roof must be insulated.

Although the material most commonly used to cover flat roofs was lead, many buildings now have flat roofs covered in other materials such as copper, zinc and bitumen. The insulation of a flat roof will usually require the stripping of either the roof covering or the ceiling beneath to gain access. Insulation can be added between the joists that support the roof, above them or below them. Whichever method is chosen will depend on the practical, aesthetic and conservation considerations of whether the ceiling or covering can then be removed and whether the roof can be raised or the ceiling level lowered.

Unlike pitched roofing in which insulation can be directly installed above the ceiling without dismantling the structure, flat roofing requires removal of the existing structure to be able to insert the insulation. Certainly, this can be downright costly. However, this is only applicable to existing flat roofing. If you're looking to build a flat roof, you can definitely avoid this additional cost by installing the insulating material during the roofing construction.

Meanwhile, there's been a debate on whether or not it's efficient to have a flat roofing in Croydon instead of other types of roofing, considering the many risks involved in the installation of the main material and the insulation. The truth is, a flat roof offers a plethora of advantages depending on the material. The structure itself requires less material since no trusses are required. In addition, flat roofs made of concrete can provide a secure space on top for recreation.

Whatever kind of roof you may be looking to install on your home, you will need the help of a reputable roofing company, like Brunwin Professional Roofing Services Ltd. They have skilled roofers who can evaluate your roofing system and determine how much modification it requires. Rest assured that they'll recommend minimal yet lasting improvement.

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