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How Professional Roofers Help live Your Roof the care It Deserves

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Date Posted: May 31, 2016

The roof is one of the most important parts of any home. It maintains the structural integrity of the property and can add to its value so it deserves a little care and attention.

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Common roofing problems

Whether you have a home with a flat or pitched roof or a combination of both, there are several common problems that can be avoided with a little help. In the south of England, there are distinct seasons and changeable weather, both of which can affect your roof.

High winds can loosen slates or tiles or they can become cracked or broken. Heavy rainfall can result in moisture build-up or leaks, and homes with flat roofs might suffer from ponding, wherein a pool of water gathers and doesn't drain off. Other problems include broken or blocked guttering that is caused by inclement weather or nesting birds, loose or broken soffit, and moss and algae build up. Some of these common problems can be prevented with good care and maintenance and others can be repaired by a reputable roofer in Surrey.

How can you ensure that your roof is problem free?

You should personally check the overall condition of your roof at least once a month. It is also well worth having a firm of professional roofers in Surrey such as Brunwin Roofing to do a comprehensive check on a regular basis. A qualified roofer is able to pinpoint areas where care might be required and will give you sound basic advice. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding roof care is:

How can I stop the ridge tiles on my roof coming off in windy weather?

Unfortunately, ridge and hip tiles coming off in high winds is a common issue in Surrey. This is often due to the mortar that holds the tile in place becoming distressed or worn. If the mortar was mixed wrongly it will be weak and any mortar is prone to cracking as a result of the natural movement of the building. If your tiles fall off in storms you should ask an experienced roofer in Surrey to replace them. If the job is done well, the new mortar should hold the tile firmly for several years. Unfortunately, tiles that are already in place can't be strengthened or reinforced but if tile loss is a real issue you could ask a team of roofers in Surrey to replace them with a mortar-free dry ridge system. The initial expense is soon recouped as maintenance is minimal and tiles are secure in high winds.


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