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How a Roofer in Surrey Will Help Prepare your Home for the Winter

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Date Posted: Dec. 7, 2016

When preparing for the winter season, it's important that you also make sure to check up on your roof. Unfortunately, because it's left ignored for the most part of the rest of the year, it usually comes with high repair costs from roofs caving in, damaged shingles, or leaks. If these are not taken care of before winter comes, the damages could worsen and cause even more problems to your house.

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Check your roof from time to time to spot problems that may be developing. If possible, use a ladder or binoculars to get a closer view of things up there. Take note of decay, broken gutters and weakened sections. Tree branches that have landed on rooftops need to be cut and removed to not put any unnecessary strain or burden on the structure.


Gutters are the channels that help in the elimination of water from the roof. If they fail in this task, your roof will become heavier than it is constructed to be and that will become a problem since your home's trusses may give in. The chief considerations to make when dealing with gutters is to ensure that they are not blocked and that their slant is appropriate. So, clear dirt, twigs, leaves and all other particles that may cause blockages.

Wait for a rainy day and check the direction of water flow and if it is backing up or overflowing at some point. If any of these signs exist, do not hesitate to contact roofers serving Surrey for repairs. Water expands as temperatures get lower as in the case during winter and that may cause the cracking of gutters. That is if the sheer mass of the ice on them doesn't cause their separation from the rest of your roof. Check the fastening of the gutter downpipes to the wall and ensure that they are secure.

Ventilate and Insulate the Attic

The warm months before winter, the high temperatures during the day heat up the attic's air. The condensation of the hot air causes rot and moisture damage to your wooden trusses. That is, of course, if your roof has no vents at its gables, soffits or ridges to let out the hot air. In higher elevations, ice dams result, which will cause leaks during winter when snow accumulates. A professional roofer from Surrey such as those from Brunwin Professional Roofing Services Ltd is the person to trust for the evaluation of the insulation and ventilation of your attic, and for making the necessary adjustments.


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