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Home Safety First: Contact a Company that Repairs Roofing in Surrey

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Date Posted: June 27, 2016

One of the most neglected parts of our home is the roof. Exterior house rendering and wooden window frames and doors get rubbed down and given a fresh coat of paint. Garden walls and fences are repaired and spruced up. Gutters and downpipes checked. Yet the poor old roof gets a cursory glance as we walk up the garden path. Until that is, we notice damp patches appearing on bedroom ceilings.

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The leak is highly unlikely to be above the damp patch. Unless the property is very old it will have a layer of roofing felt between the roof beams and tile battens. The water will run down the felt until it finds a small split or hole to drip through above the ceiling, and may well have been doing so for some time before it finally shows on your bedroom ceiling.

Repairing the problem yourself is not necessarily the best way to go, especially if you live in a two or three bed semi. Firstly the safety factor, a fall from that height invariably ends in serious injury - or worse. Secondly, not all leaks in a roof are as simple as a broken tile, damaged concrete fillet, or easily noticed splits in valleys or flashings.

For roofing companies in Surrey, the repair and maintenance of roofs plays a large part of their day to day business activities, and with good reason.

Mention repairs to your roofing in Croydon, and people think costly. Yet when everything is considered you may well be surprised. Even for the most basic repair such as a damaged or broken ridge tile or concrete fillet, the minimum equipment you will need is a good quality scaffold tower, and an aluminium roof ladder which clips over the ridge tiles. That's probably around 100GBP spent for one day's hire. Add to that the cost of materials, replacement tiles, bags of mortar, or lengths of flashing, and the price soon starts to increase.

Of course, if after all your hard work, and the little you've been able to save doing it yourself, the leak returns after the next storm, well, you have to pay all that out again, to say nothing of the extra decorative damage which has to be repaired in the bedroom.

Of all the DIY house maintenance jobs that can save you money, repairing any roofs really isn't one of them. Contact a firm that specialises in roofing and roof repair, they have all the correct equipment, and professional, experienced roofers who will find that leak and properly repair it, making your roof watertight before the next big storm hits.


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