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Flat Roofing Systems: 3 Advantages Homeowners are Sure to Enjoy Having

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Date Posted: Sept. 21, 2016

When it comes to roofing options for domestic properties, most people think about pitched roofing. While pitched roofs are certainly the most common option, flat roofs are also a viable option homeowners in Surrey should consider.

Domestic flat roofs usually use two or more layers of reinforced bitumen membrane to provide a home with the necessary protection against the elements. Homeowners typically have a choice of two different flat roofs: warm roofing and cold roofing. Industry experts highly recommend warm roofing for domestic properties as its design avoids the need for ventilation of the roof structure.

flat roofing systems

If you choose to have a flat roof installed, here are a few advantages you will surely enjoy:

Easy Installation

In general flat roofing systems are easier to install due its simple design. Furthermore, flat roofs require considerably less materials and labour to construct or install in a home. Similarly, flat roofs are easier to clean, maintain, and repair. Overall, these factors make flat roofing systems a more affordable option as compared to pitched roofing systems.

Easier Inspections

Many roofing experts agree that homeowners should inspect their roofing systems for any signs of damage at least twice a year. Unlike a pitched roofing system, a flat roof is easier to climb up on and inspect thanks to the stability provided by a wider range of even surface. This significantly reduces the chances of incurring slip and fall injuries.

Extra Living Space

Need more room in your home, but no real space to have an addition built? If so, a flat roof may be just what you need. Specialised flat roofs can be turned into beautiful rooftop living spaces. Whether you plan to grow an herb garden or simply want a place where you can entertain guests during the summer, a flat roof can offer the extra space you need.

If you are interested in having a flat roof installed in your home, do not hesitate to contact a respected roofing company that services Surrey, Croydon, and other nearby areas, such as Brunwin Professional Roofing Services Ltd. Be sure to discuss what you want, need, and expect from your flat roof so that your chosen roofing service is able to provide you with the correct type of flat roof.