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Flat Roofing in Surrey: Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Roof Efficient

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Date Posted: December 23, 2014

From human relationships to items that you own, neglect is something that can only lead to eventual damage and deterioration. Show your loved ones how much you care, and you’d end up strengthening your ties with them. In a similar way, dedicate ample time caring for your flat roofing in Surrey or Croydon and you’ll have a sturdy roof over your head that won’t let you down in the middle of heavy rain and snow storms.

To get you started on the path toward caring better for your flat roofing system, here are some facts and tips that you need to know:

Timely and Thorough Inspections

Ideally, roofing in Croydon, Surrey, and other areas must be inspected twice a year; once in spring to check damage that may have been inflicted by winter, and again in fall to ensure that your roof is ready for winter. However, if there was a recent storm with strong winds, or you just had some HVAC work done involving your roof, you may need to inspect your roof for potential damage.

Check all the components of your flat roofing system and list down the signs of deterioration that you observe. Pay special attention to the condition of the roof’s surface, drainage, position of the ballasts, and indicators of unusual traffic. Since a number of flat roof issues may not be visible to the untrained eye, it’s best that you hire a professional to at least do the scheduled inspections for you.

Comprehensive Maintenance Work

Once a roofer from established companies like Brunwin Professional Roofing Services Ltd. determine that there could be structural problems on the roof. They could then proceed with the necessary repairs or replacements. Caulking and sealants will be examined and repairs will be done at the early signs of wear (i.e. cracks, splits). Considering that flat roofs are not really known for excellent drainage, maintenance includes keeping roof drains clear of debris and ensuring that drain pipes have grates or guards that prevent leaves or dirt from entering.

Air conditioning units on flat roofs equate to additional checks. The area around the air conditioning must be assessed to guarantee that drainage lines are functioning properly and there is no leakage or rot around the unit. Finally, the roof is checked for signs of blistering, wrinkling, or buckling. The earlier such issues are identified, the sooner you—with the help your trusted roofer—can do something about them, thereby maintaining the durability and efficiency of your flat roof.

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