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Find Out What Exposure to the Sun Can Do to Your Shingle Roofing

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Date Posted: February 26, 2016

Providing proper maintenance for your roof can save you from dealing with trouble later on. It is hard to keep count of all the things that may cause damage to your roof. The best you can do is call in a roofing professional to help you take care of it. You may be able to do some routine maintenance yourself, but sometimes, calling in a roofing service is better.

Heat is one of the culprits you have to watch out for when it comes to your roof. The sun can cause immense damage to shingle roofing. Summer is one of the seasons you have to give priority to in your roofing maintenance. It helps to know what kind of damage the sun does for you to understand the importance of getting roofing services in Surrey.

Effects of UV Rays

Shingle roofing is especially sensitive to ultraviolet rays. The radiation from the sunís rays can cause roofing materials to react and change their molecular structures. A roof loses its colour after prolonged exposure to the sun. If your roof contains organic colouring, then the sunís rays can cause them to lose their pigmentation. Very few colours can stand the test of sun exposure. Consider that when getting services for roofing in Croydon.

Another problem that UV rays cause is the weakening of your roof. The asphalt that is in shingle roofing contains hydrocarbons. When radiation from the UV rays gets into contact with hydrocarbons, oxidation occurs. It is through this process that a shingle roof will become brittle after taking too much heat. The effect this will have is that your roof will have a considerably short lifespan and will need leakage repairs in the near future.

Expansion and Contraction

Heat from the sun will cause roofing materials to expand and when the temperatures go down, it contracts. When this happens, a shingle roof will crack and then start to leak. Expansion and contraction of roofs always leave shingles loose. During this process, there is some back and forth movement of shingles that sets them loose from their nails. Eventually, the nails will fall off and leave holes in your roof. Curling of shingles occurs when roofing gets direct sunlight. Shingles become dry and then start to peel outwards and upwards, leaving your roof vulnerable.

Hiring a roofing expert in Surrey or Croydon to provide maintenance during the summer will add life to your roof. If there is any damage from the sun, a professional will provide the necessary services. You can also get tips on how what to do to ensure that you get adequate protection over your head.


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