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Fall is Near? Time to Check Up on Your Roof with Your Trusted Roofers

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Date Posted: Sept. 13, 2016

With September rolling in, your fall routine should be settling into place too. That may mean watching the changing colours around Croydon and enjoying seasonal festivals in Surrey - but it also means doing something literally closer to home.

Roof inspection, maintenance, and even upgrades are necessities during the fall. Crisper weather might be harsher on roofs and gutters, and repairs in preparation for winter might be found to be in order. Here are three things for you to do, by yourself or with your trusted roofers.

clay tiles

Inspect your roofing system for wear and tear

With more than half a year's worth of the elements and debris bearing down on it, your roof might no longer be in tip-top shape. Shingles might have curled or buckled, gutters and flashing loosened, drain pipes and vents cracked. Though seemingly minor, these problems might escalate into worsening insulation, the growth of moulds and mildew, and a domino effect of structural damage.

While you may spot damage by yourself, professional roofers will be better able to determine less obvious defects or their warning signs. Call them for a more thorough inspection. The earlier you enlist them, the better; if repairs are necessary, you'd want these to be finished before the months get truly damper and colder.

Clean it regularly - and more often, if possible

Falling leaves and twigs mean more debris on your roof and in your gutters. The clutter will be unsightly, but you'll want to clean them off for more than aesthetic reasons.

Unaddressed clutter in gutters and downspouts may lead to clogging once rain and snow fall. They may also weigh down the roofing system, causing components to crash to the ground if the latter are already vulnerable. Moreover, there's always the chance that birds and other small animals use cluttered roofing as spots to nest, adding to the risk of property damage.

Take time for tree trimming

If there are trees on your property, take the time to clear off branches and twigs that hang over the roof or just come near it. Doing this will reduce the chances of roof clutter, as well as water, dew, or moisture from the trees from dripping onto your roofing system, exposing it to corrosion. Trimming will also reduce the risk that overgrown branches might break and fall onto people or vehicles on your property.


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