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Discuss with Your Surrey Roofers the Ideal Slope for Your Roofing

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Date Posted: November 3, 2014

Most roofing systems have slopes for good reason. The slope allows rainwater to flow quickly toward the gutter, or for snow to slide off before turning into ice. Proper roof drainage can save a home from leaks, which usually spawn many other serious problems, including damage to the insulation and the roof's structural components, ceiling and wall stains, and mold buildup.

If you're living in Surrey or Croydon, where rain becomes more frequent as winter sets in, a properly pitched roofing system will rid you of potential leak issues. However, just because you have a pitched roof doesn't mean you can automatically enjoy all its benefits. There are roofing standards to follow to ensure that the slope of your roof is adequate to provide not just proper drainage but also ease in installation.

In her article for the Home Guide section of SFGate.com, contributor Glenda Taylor discusses the disadvantages of having a low slope for a pitched roof.


While a 4/12 pitch roof has enough slope for water runoff, it's often too low for regions with heavy snowfall, which can put considerable weight on the roof's structure. While the pitch is too high for some types of low-slope roofing, such as built-up roofing (BUR) or the application of rubberized membrane, 4/12 is too low for installing wood or shake-type shingles because rain can blow under the shingles, and ice dams can form.

Before deciding the material you want for your pitched roof, discuss with your roofers in Surrey the ideal slope for the type of home you have. Sometimes, the slope of the roof has an impact on the overall appearance and function of a house. In some cases, the slope can provide an attic space wide enough to be turned into an additional room. On the other hand, if it's inevitable to use a 4/12 slope, you can choose asphalt and composition shingles.

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Standard asphalt and composition shingles are usually acceptable for 4/12 pitch roofs, but read the shingle manufacturer's specifications to make sure installing them on a 4/12 pitch won't void their warranty. Local building codes might restrict some types of shingles on a 4/12 pitch.

Whatever material you want for your roof, always discuss it with your hired Croydon roofers. As soon as they know your preference, they can easily lay down options that work well with your home and budget. Matching your roofing materials with the roof design can save you from costly repair or replacement in the future. Your roof may even last a lifetime if it's installed and maintained by a reputable company like Brunwin Professional Roofing Services Ltd.

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