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Common Pitched Roof Problems Handled by Croydon and Surrey Roofers

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Date Posted: Sept. 27, 2016

When it comes to pitched roof problems, the old adage that goes 'prevention is better than cure' applies perfectly. An older pitched roof will naturally be prone to more problems than a new one, but with regular inspection and repair conducted by a qualified roofer, residents in Croydon and Surrey can greatly extend the service life of their pitched roof. With that in mind, here are some more common pitched roof problems that you may want to know about, along with tips on how to solve them.

Blocked valleys

A blocked valley can cause rainwater to overflow and go where it's not supposed to. Clearing a valley of blockage is a fairly easy task-simply climb up a ladder to get on your roof and remove the blockage with your hands. However, if there's a crack in the valley lead, it will have to be replaced.

pitched roof problems

Roof moss

Moss on roof tiles isn't really that big of a problem, as well. All you have to do is pour some bleach diluted with water to get rid of them. If moss is blocking your gutters and other drainage points, it's easy to remove them with a scraping tool.

Broken or missing tiles or slates

A few missing tiles can be caused by a storm or some other extreme weather. These issues are relatively easy to fix. That said, if the problem is more widespread, you may need the help of a roofing professional.

Wind damage

Open seams and inadequate flashing can increase the risk of wind damage. When a gale of wind catches these roof imperfections, it can cause billowing or tenting. In severe causes, a roof blow-off can occur. While these issues can be the result of an installation or maintenance issue, they can also be caused by adhesion failure, such as when adhesives aren't given enough time to cure before they are subjected to the elements. An experienced roofer can help you create a more aerodynamic pitched roof to minimise any issues in performance.

Croydon and Surrey residents know that they can rely on trusted local roofers such as Brunwin Professional Roofing Services Ltd. to take care of their various pitched roof problems for them.


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